December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas//2017

Free Christmas Printable || Isaiah 9:6 |

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!

I hope everyone is having a simply splendid day celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Currently I am sitting in my room, watching the snow come down fast and thick outside my windows. My dad has to work today (*sad face*) but we celebrated our Christmas yesterday with gifts and family activities and by going to church. It was really fun and lovely, and I hope the same can be said for your day as well. :)

Before I end this "Christmas note", let me thank you all from the bottom of my heart. BECAUSE YOU ALL ARE AWESOME. God has blessed me so much and I want to acknowledge that, without a doubt, one of His blessings is YOU ALL. THIS BLOGGING COMMUNITY. Because you all are dear friends, wonderful blog readers, and amazing people. Your comments never fail to give me joy and encouragement. I honestly don't know who I'd be without you all. Some of you are precious friends, people I've known for a long time now (and some I've met in real life! *hugs*), and some of you are new readers to my blog. Either way I am SO grateful for each and everyone one of you.

I hope you all are having a Christmas filled with peace and joy and every good thing.
With love in Christ,

"For to us a child is born,
    to us a son is given,
    and the government will be on his shoulders.
And he will be called
    Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
    Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace."
Isaiah 9:6

Born is the king of Israel!!

PS. You know if there's a chance for me to work Josh Turner into a post, it's going to happen. ;P Enjoy the song, friends. :)

December 20, 2017

Winter Wonderland Tag

Merry Christmas, my friends!!! What have you all been up to? I hope your holidays are joyful and sparkling and maybe even filled with snow, if you live someplace where that happens. :P But even if your Christmas isn't as magical as it could be, I hope you're having a happy one, resting in the peace that our Savior came and lived and died for you and me everyone. <3

Recently I was tagged by Amaris of The Storybook Journal with a tag of her own creation and I'm here to fill it out because it's fun and I need to bring some Christmas magic to this blog. :D

1. Name a few things you love about winter, and a few things you don't love so much about it.
Well, if you don't count Christmas as my MOST FAVORITE thing about wintertime, I also love...
1) Snow. Icy, lacy flakes and clumps of it stuck on all the trees like sugary frosting.
2) Smoky chimneys and the colors of the sunset behind the black, leafless trees.
3) Warm sweaters and boots and coats.

A few things I don't like:
1) Snow. Cold, messy, grey, slushy snow ugh.
2) Cold, endless gray days. Come spring, it's like I forgot what sunshine is.
3) Putting on fifteen layers of clothing because I can't even feel my fingers I'm so cold.

2. When you were a child, did you "believe" in Santa Claus?
Yup, we did do the "Santa Claus thing". (*waits for people to judge me*) (kidding) Though I probably won't do it with my own imaginary-hopefully-someday children, I still have fond memories of the experience. You know, leaving out the cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer. I love fantasy, so the magical side of the Santa Claus tradition appeals to me. It's so fun to believe in elves and flying reindeer and such when you're a kid....but then, it's also kind of ridiculous and detracts from the real meaning of Christmas. You don't need Santa to appreciate the gifts you've been given, and you CERTAINLY don't need Santa to appreciate the gift of Life we've been given by Jesus.

*gets off soapbox*

Sounds of Christmas
Bring Crosby's voice//crackling fireplaces//the indescribable, delicate sound of snow falling to the ground//the oven heating up to bake delicious food//bells at the grocery store//Christmas hymns//wrapping paper being torn apart//George Bailey saying "I want to live again."//
It's safe to say that It's a Wonderful Life is one of the most popular holiday movies of all time—but even if you've watched the classic dozens of times, we're willing to bet there's still a lot you don't know about this beloved movie. Take a look at some of the surprising stories behind the 1946 film's most iconic moments.

3. Is there a book or movie that you really love to read in the Winter as opposed to other times of year?
Little Women is definitely a Christmastime movie to me, even though it's not a Christmas movie exactly. And winter is always a good time to settle in and watch North and South  or Little Dorrit. (But then, every time is a good time for those series. :P)

4. Is there a particular Christmas movie that you watch EVERY year as tradition?
It's a Wonderful Life on Christmas Eve, Christmas Carol on Christmas Day. I've also begun watching Eloise at Christmastime every year by myself because it's one of my very favorite Christmas movies and it's kind of fun to have your own tradition. (Plus, I don't think anyone in my family cares for it like I do. :P)

Tastes of Christmas
gingerbread//sugar cookies//sticky peppermint candy canes//cold air that burns and tingles in your lungs//snowflakes from the sky//hot cocoa//
5. Do you usually get a real tree or a fake tree for Christmas? Who's in charge of decorating it at your house?
Real tree allll the way. (We used to do a fake tree but thankfully those days are over.) I usually decorate it, with help from my mom or brother. (But seriously, is there anyone who LIKES having a fake tree? Please tell me. I'd like to know.)

6. Does your family usually stay home or go visiting (relatives, friends, etc.) on Christmas Day?
We used to always visit our grandparents when we lived in Florida, but ever since we moved we stay home on Christmas Day.

Sights of Christmas
Christmas lights//snow//pine trees at the tree lot//wreaths on doors//people with packages at the post office//colorful frosting on cookies//black and white movies//nostalgic ornaments on the tree
7. What does your family usually do on New Years Eve? Any traditions? Do you ever stay up till midnight?
We are so boring; we rarely do anything for New Year's. :P We usually watch a movie or something. Sometimes we stay up till midnight, sometimes not. *shrugs*

8. Do you get snow where you live? If so, have you ever built a snowman and named him Olaf?
Hahaha. Yes. we live in Michigan. Yes, we get snow. :P In answer to the second Sorry, Olaf.

Feels of Christmas
the poke of Christmas tree needles as you decorate the tree//soft blankets//the sting of snow on your face//silk smooth, crinkly wrapping paper//hot mugs of tea or cocoa//heavy packages that you shake and still can't figure out what they are :P// 
1930 Cover Art - Better Homes & Gardens by American Vintage Home, via Flickr
9. If it's snowing outside, would you prefer to go outside and build snowmen and enjoy it, or would you rather stay inside with a blanket and something hot to drink and maybe a movie or a book?
This is hard. What I'd really do is go outside and enjoy the snow THEN come back in and have something hot to drink and read a book. :P So let's just say....both.

10. When do you start looking forward to or getting excited about Spring?
...After Christmas? Haha. Probably sometime around the end of February. :)

Smells of Christmas
chocolate//peppermint//pine trees//fresh, snowy air//gingerbread//


I tag anyone who wishes to do this tag. Please link back to Amaris's blog!! :D

Merry Christmas, my friends! 
Do any of you have a fake tree and like it?
What are some of your favorite sights and sounds etc. of Christmas?

PS. Please raise your hand if you're a gift-shaker. I really want to know I'm not the only one.

PPS. Have you seen this video? xD

December 11, 2017

Arthur is Proud of Me

Hey. Hi. Remember me? The girl who said in a previous post that she was struggling with motivation for writing? Well, I have an announcement. That said motivation is apparently an elusive little ghost that comes and goes, because I have exciting news.

I finished another story!!!!
Arthur is so proud

Neven's Backstory is/was a highly secret story all about the villain from my fairy tale retelling of Princess and the Pea. Originally, this project started out as simply a small story for my own benefit, so that I understood my villain's past. From there it became a novella backstory that I thought I might publish it's a full fledged novel of 51 thousand-some words, and I definitely plan on publishing it one day along with Princess and the Pea, because this novel now has so much to do with my entire fairy-tale retelling world. :P
this is Neven looking upset and dirty
It's definitely the saddest, darkest story I've ever written. It's about my villain, after all. The problem is, I've come to love this villain and his story so much. He didn't begin as a villain. But Things Happen that change him, change him so much his own family no longer knows him. But the thing is, everything he did was for them.
Arthur can't handle the feels any better than I can

I love Neven and feel so sorry for all the cruel things I've done to him that happen to him in his story. So much so that I've considered changing a lot of the Horrid Things That Happen in His Life. Or at least making him live longer than originally planned (*cough*)....but I can't talk too much about this or I'll give away secrets. prepared that if you ever read Neven's Backstory you may hate me forever because of his tragic past.


(I really don't.)

(I just force myself to do it because without pain there's no gain there's no story.)

but it's really hard #authorsarepeopletoo

Anyways, I better stop talking before I start giving away all the secrets of my books and the series I have planned for my fairy-tale world. (Yes, it's become a series....hahahaha.....a long series.....a series that will probably involve the next 25 years of my life. #doomed)

So, to sum up, I've finished writing another novel. (!!!) Don't expect to hear much more about it though. *secretive author laugh* Now that it's completed, I hope to refocus my attentions on Princess and the Pea. Eeek! I'm excited. I've missed that story too much. :')

And now I'm going to watch my favorite Christmas movie, Eloise at Christmastime in celebration. 

(And yes, I need to talk about Christmas soon BECAUSE I'M EXCITED ARE YOU?)